We make all of our items in house so we are the quality control. If I don't like the way it looks or feels it will not leave the shop.  In order to maintain repeated quality all items are checked  to be sure they do what the description says.

- tools 

- Blacksmith classes

- living history

- specialty Items

- Custom metal work

We produce Tongs and Tools for the blacksmith 

Foxwood Forge has been one of the leading developers in custom tong design. We have tongs that you will not find anywhere else.

If you need any metal items for your living history display we have it or can make it for you. From tent stakes to custom grills we have you covered.

Living history

We remember the old days of blacksmiths making things for the trades like hammers, chisels, knifes, and all the hard tools you need in the house.

Living History



We have our products online with ETSY. You can browse the store or shop for items you need. 


Foxwood Forge has you covered. Feel free to request custom items we can make what you need to get the job done.


Etsy Store

Visit our etsy store Foxwood Forge for more Blacksmith Tools. This is where you can find our retail outlet.

Beginning Blacksmith Classes are available to fit your busy Schedule At our shop in Central Florida you can set up a day to get started with an email or phone call. We offer one on one or up to three students.

Honesty, commitment and quality


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